Pacific Karate Organization

The Pacific Karate Organization is dedicated to the principles and values of Traditional Karate. We are committed to providing classical instruction in the science of Karate as well as the ethical awareness such training demands.

For Children
Our program is designed to assist parents in the long range development of their child. Traditional training is classical physical education placing equal emphasis on mental, physical and emotional growth. Mental endurance and focus are fundamental by-products of the training.
Our training program stresses that courtesy, respect and responsibility are essential to successful human relations. The formation of sound body mechanics gives even the non-athletic child a foundation for self-esteem and lifetime physical fitness. Our aim is to build individuals who will make a positive contribution to family, community and society.

For Adults
Our classes provide a total body workout for people of all ages. Traditional Karate training stimulates the cardiovascular and endocrine systems and strengthens the immune system. The development of integrated body mechanics improves flexibility and strength. In addition, many adults find Karate to be an excellent activity for reducing stress.

For Families
We encourage family participation. Parents who train with their children can provide them with visible role models for integrity, work ethic and discipline.

Self Defense
The study of self-defense is basic to the science of Traditional Karate. Karate techniques are extremely effective tools against physical assault. Having the knowledge and ability to apply those techniques is crucial in today’s society, particularly for children. We understand that technical competence is but one important factor in the equation of self protection. Emotional control and mental alertness are as crucial to self-defense as physical ability. Our instruction builds defensive skills along with confidence and awareness.

Picture of kids sparring.

“The image we carry for our
students is practical: to ensure
the well-rounded development
necessary for success in
today’s society.”

Picture of adults sparring.